Thursday, December 12, 2013


We were so grateful that the cast only had to be on for 3 weeks, because those 3 weeks felt like the longest 3 weeks ever! The first week was absolute torture, trying to keep him comfortable, trying to get him to sleep a while he cried in pain. Even now, it makes my heart hurt and my eyes tear to even think about it. I was in a seriously dark place feeling guilty for what had happened. It was a very hard thing to let go of. No matter how many friends, family or doctors told me "accidents happen" it did not help.  I felt sick about it. It was hard to not feel bad every time he cried out in pain. All I have to say is that I am blessed. I am blessed to have so many friends, family, and a loving husband who helped me get through it. I am also grateful for this baby boy of mine who despite everything would give me a smile every once in awhile.
 My heart. 
 We were thrilled that his little bear costume fit over his cast, because seriously he is just so cute! We only walked him around the block to see the neighbors, but it was still worth it!

We were all so grateful to get the cast off! 
 It is amazing how quickly baby bones grow. The surgeon told us when he broke it that if he was older (4 or 5 years old) they would have had to do surgery to fix his leg, but because he was so young when it happened, that the bone could heal on its own. The human body really is amazing. The only down side of the cast removal was that he now has PTSD and if we turn the blender on high it sounds too much like the saw they used to cut the cast off and he immediately panics and cries. My poor sweet boy.

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  1. Oh Chels. I can relate to your feelings. Glad you and your little guy are feeling better :) And wow, he gets cuter by the second! I just about melted seeing him in that bear costume! :)